There are many people who make a living from betting, but as well as investing time in the actual methods and strategies used, all the professionals I come into contact with, operate their betting in the same way you would run a business. This articles looks at 3 of the practical issues that the professional gambler should address:

1. Your Workstation(s)

To begin with, simply using your home pc or laptop will be sufficient, as long as you have a stable internet connection (preferably broadband to enable fast access to internet live streams).  However as time and profits progress, the time will come to think about adopting a Professional home setup.Personally I work on at least 2, if not 3 screens, and use 2 dedicated laptops for betting only. This prevents any unauthorised use and inadvertent internet downloads. I run nothing else on these laptops. It can be extremely frustrating, and potentially costly when you are operating a high value portfolio and an update to the MSN smileys your daughter thought would be a good idea to download kicks in and steals all available system resource and bandwidth! I also prefer to use a laptop, as I have the option of working anywhere at home or away, with everything I need close to hand. Whatever you chose, always ensure, particularly if you are trading as opposed to betting, that you can work undisturbed GClub.

2. Mobile Betting

By mobile betting, I mean both the use of your mobile phone, and the use of your laptop on the move. To operate my day to day portfolio takes less than an hour, so I simply bring my fully charged laptop and mobile phone with me everyday, and spend my lunch hour operating my business. The connection provided by my “hsdpa” 3g enabled phone (wow, that sounds cool!) is actually faster than my home broadband . Additionally it is always worth having “betfair mobile” on your phone. This can be downloaded free, and if you happen to just have your mobile on you, it can be fairly simple to place a few bets as and when necessary. Just the other day I found myself in a waiting room and was able to pick-up my daily e-mail from “Big Mike” and place 5 bets with betfair mobile while I waited. Many bookmakers also now offer mobile phone betting and it is fairly straightforward to use these to place bets whilst on the move.