When you want to install unique ceiling designs in your home, crown molding is a great decorating option. It is important to know the steps needed to install molding yourself. If you don’t know the steps to install crown molding then you could very easily end up installing it incorrectly and have an issue on your hands.

Crown molding has a reputation for being difficult to work with Ceiling Design Ideas. It may not be a deserved reputation. When used in the common application of decorative trim to cover the seam of wall meeting ceiling, then there is a certain amount of correct measuring, proper cutting and a bit of attention that needs to be paid in the installation process for it to sit correctly. In unique ceiling designs, the installation of crown molding is not as complicated, but still important! Here are some steps to get you started:

1. Planning – This is the most important step in the installation process because you want to plan well so you don’t have a lot of interruptions during the actual installation. There are many options when it comes to styles, widths, motifs and depths. Since this can be overwhelming, try to decide the basic style and then really focus on the choices for that style. Follow your supply list and double check to make sure you have everything.
2. Order materials – Your next step is to order the crown molding, adhesive, fasteners, caulk and other tools and supplies that will be needed. Be sure you order everything at the same time so you can save yourself extra trips to get more.
3. Get it all together – You want to have the crown molding, supplies and tools all in one place where you will be able to get to it easily as the installation process goes forward. If something is missing, now is a good time to get it before you actually get started.
4. Pre-finishing – If you need to do any pre-finish work do it before installing it and then do touch up work after it is installed.
5. Layout – Use a pencil drawing of the unique ceiling designs that you are going to create. Be sure to double check your measurements of the ceiling and spacing. You will want to give yourself place marks (with a pencil) on the ceiling to follow to make the application easier and to help avoid mistakes. This will help to ensure that the crown molding is installed correctly and that it looks the way you envisioned when you are done.
6. Start the installation – Now you are ready to actually start installing the crown molding. You first want to decide which inside corner will be the least noticeable in the room. This is the best place to start since it is not always possible to get the right match on the pattern with the last piece of molding.

You want to take time to learn how to do all of these steps in more detail, but now that you know the main steps that need to be taken to install unique ceiling designs with crown molding, it will be much easier for you. Just remember to take your time! Beauty cannot be rushed and planning correctly will make everything else go much smoother.

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