I love Southwest Airlines and I wish I felt the same way about the way apartment complexes are run. The attendants are cheerful. The planes are comfortable. The trips are shorter (because they spend less time on the ground, boarding, deboarding, etc.). The boarding area seating has an assortment of facilities for business travelers including very large very comfortable lounge seats southwest airlines complaints.

And, you get more for your money. Pay $10 and you get preferential seating order. Print your boarding passes and come to the airport ready to go. It seems that at every turn there is some other service factor that improves the performance of this company. Wouldn’t it be great if operating our apartments was the same. What if at every turn, we made choices that made living on the multifamily property more convenient and at the same time less expensive?

For Southwest Airlines, that is the beginning. Behind the scenes, every other choice works in the same way.

Southwest only uses one type of aircraft; a choice that cuts costs for maintenance labor, parts, and reduces time. Consider how effective you can become when your experience is entirely focused on becoming better and better at one process. The results are greater reliability, quicker maintenance turnarounds, and safer aircraft.

The Airline operates almost entirely at less congested airports. Have you ever noticed how little time you spend on the runway at a Southwest Airlines. In fact, Southwest’s boarding process, airport process, and flight management process is so efficient that they actually get one full extra flight per day on average from each plane. With that kind performance making a profit becomes a bit unavoidable.

As operators, how can we be more like Southwest Airlines?

First, a cheerful bright appearance is an easy goal for a property management business. We don’t need to roll out expensive perks or give excessive concessions on our apartments. If the value is there. we can provide more for less than our competition. A comfortable homey office with professional staff that is trained to perform leasing apartments beyond the customers expectation is a significant competitive advantage at a relatively low cost.