The few basic requirements that are essential for website hosting are space management, management of bandwidth and other features like database management, scripting etc. Usually it is more viable for small organizations to go for shared hosting. It is more economical and can meet all the business requirements. Virtual hosting is a platform which includes the features of both shared and dedicated website hosting. A VPS can be the right solution for many business organizations. Though there are many similarities between shared and virtual platforms for hosting, there are subtle differences by which one can identify and distinguish between the two.

A virtual server has the advantage of a private server for e-mail services It also has a unique IP address. It helps in better handling e-mail messages. The e-mails that you send can be identified to your IP address. It also helps in e-mail management for example it does not allow spam e-mail messages to come.

Shared hosting does not allow you to use the operating system of your choice. In virtual hosting you can choose the appropriate operating system that caters to your precise needs. Also in shared hosting access must be allowed to the user in order to access to e-mail and other utilities, but that is not the case with virtual hosting. It is completely independent. A virtual hosting also ensures better performance.

Video hosting allows users to upload video on the internet. It has become the most useful tool in recent times. Recent times have seen a lot of information being stored and used in the form of video clips. It gives better understanding. Video hosting services facilitates the use of video as an information exchange medium.

The recent times has seen increased activity of cameras among the common people. Almost all mobile phones have cameras. There are also portable cameras that are extremely easy to use. This revolution has lead to the creation of volumes of video files. It is natural that people want to share these videos with other people. The video sharing is done for a lot purposes, sharing information is just one of them. Other reasons include videos of album release, sharing funny videos etc. This has lead to a very a high demand of video hosting services in the World Wide Web. The challenge for such server is the handling of FTP on NAT devices. The device must be suitably altered to have the IP of the client stored in it. For this the values which are stored in the control connection have to be altered. The original port and IP have to be identified. The TCP for all the following packets have to be changed.