Be aware of the parking stop when you pull into a parking place, to insure that your car is not damaged. There are all sorts of issues that you can encounter with the strip of concrete or durable plastic that the front of your car sometimes hits when you pull in, so take heed. Parking lots and garages often have indicators for compact car and even trucks indicated, and there are reasons for those notifications. Just remember that you don’t have to pull all the way in until your tire hits the parking stop. These considerations should be noted, and are listed below for your easy reference.

Low to the Ground Automobiles and Small Trucks – Parking stops come in various sizes and shapes, and did you know that they can be as tall as 4 ½” or as short as 3 ¼”? The taller version, when you have a smaller or more low-riding vehicle can possibly scrape your bumper. This is not a beneficial treatment to your car, so look before you pull in speed bump.

High Suspension Vehicles – A noted before, your tire doesn’t have to touch the stop to tell you that you are all the way in the parking place. Look ahead and stop before you hit. Repeated touching of your front tires to a parking stop may eventually cause tire damage, especially if you do not back off of the stop slightly after you have touched it. Uneven pressure on a tire is never a good idea.

Splash Shield – Many cars have a nice shield on the front of the car. If yours is one of them, remember that it’s there and pull in slowly to a parking place to make sure you don’t scrape it.

Random Dangers – Occasionally, a parking stop may be so old and in such disrepair that rebar, or the metal that holds the stop in place, may be sticking up out of the concrete. Once again, check visually. If your car is low or has a splash shield, it can become damaged and the entire bumper or shield is ruined.

To Business/Parking Lot Owners

If you are a business owner with a parking lot, be sure to install durable parking stops. The concrete that they can be made of can become cracked and chipped and will corrode with time. They can be painted to make them look fresh and new again, but be aware that they will need re-painting eventually, and maybe sooner than you want.

A newer version of parking stop is made of plastic and is chemical and weather resistant. While you may still get the occasional tire mark, rain and snow will not deteriorate the heavy duty plastic and oil or chemicals from the auto or other activities in the parking lot will not mar it. Manufacturers will send the installation kit with the stops, but you will probably have to indicate whether you will be installing them on asphalt or concrete. They are available in a variety of colors, but for better visibility they will typically come in yellow, blue or gray. The yellow version is for good visibility where there are all sorts of consumer traffic, while the gray is often found in nicer, executive parking garages. The blue parking stops can be found in ADA, wheelchair accessible spots.