If you value your lawn and landscape, and aren’t thrilled at the prospect of digging up your yard to repair a damaged sewer pipe, one option you can explore is trenchless repair via a sewer lining process. This involves the use of a probe, which is inserted into your sewer pipe, which pushes a sort of “replacement pipe” threading dipped in resin. When the probe is pulled out of the pipe, the resin-covered threading remains, and when that hardens, it serves as a “pipe within a pipe” and seals up any broken areas of your existing sewer pipe.

So, if there isn’t usually a great deal of digging involved, how does your repair company get to and repair the pipe in question? Two holes are drilled into the ground when repairing a broken sewer pipe; one at the beginning of the pipe damage, and one at the end of the pipe damage. It fixes the pipes just as well as traditional repairs, but does little to your yard.

There are several advantages to using this sewer lining process for repairs, as opposed to opting for traditional “dig and fix” repairs ekkenoseis xevouloma.gr.

Less damage to your landscape
Not only can you avoid the heavy digging that would have to occur in order to completely remove and replace your old sewer line, you’ll also save money by not having to replace concrete walks and driveways, and you lessen the risk of running into existing water or gas lines.

Increased flow
Once your broken pipes are repaired with trenchless sewer lining, you’ll instantly notice an increase in your water flow and the efficiency of your water system. Your new sewer lining has a life expectancy of around 50 years, which often times is longer than the original pipe!

Less expensive
Trenchless sewer lining is usually a much cheaper alternative to repairing your sewer pipe than a complete pipe replacement. The materials are often less expensive, and in most cases, there is less total labor involved.

If your sewer line performance is suffering and you have a section of pipe that needs repaired, consider a company that utilizes trenchless repair technology. You’ll more than likely end up saving a little bit of money, and your landscape will probably get by without being disturbed. You’ll get the repairs you need without having to disrupt your landscape, and you won’t have to fix your yard as you would with many traditional sewer repairs.