The onset of back pains are usually triggered by the use of an uncomfortable mattress-usually a lumpy one. If you are using an old mattress with numerous lumps protruding, you are more likely to have countless sleepless nights due to this. However, there are also newly purchased mattresses that just do not provide the right comfort we need.

If you are one of those who are close to banging their head for spending more than a thousand dollars for an uncomfortable mattress, there is hope for you still. You can always purchase a mattress topper.

A mattress topper hides the imperfections of your primary mattress. True to its name, you place it on top of your mattress. Just make sure you purchase the right one.

When you are choosing, make sure you keep your personal comfort a top priority. You can use reviews as your guide when buying but remember that you do not have the exact same comfort preferences as other people. What may be comfortable for them may not be comfortable for you Cooling Mattress Topper, Plush Quilted Pillow Top with Overfilled B089GYZZ9R.

You can start with latex toppers or memory foam mattress toppers. These two are best known for their benefits in alleviating back pains. Memory foam specifically reduces back pains and pressures sores because of its ability to memorize your body contour and conform to it as it adjust to your body temperature.

If you have already decided to purchase this mattress technology, you should consider the density. Other people say the ideal density is 5 pounds but actually, 4 pounds is sufficient-even better than the higher density ones. This one will still provide you with a slight plushness that your lower back needs.

Latex, on the other, is a resilient material capable of providing back pain-free sleep. This mattress has been assimilated with pincore holes. The holes are distributed all over the mattress and this is what absorbs body weight. This also allows the mattress to conform to your body contours allowing you to have better sleep. What is great about latex is that it has just the right balance of support and comfort.